BRO and ATB Group at the European Business Circle in Vienna

  • 3 months ago
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We are pleased to share with you our recent adventure in Vienna, where BRO accompanied SID, Società Italiana Demolizioni to explore new business opportunities in the Austrian market. Thanks to our strong contacts and collaboration with Ortrun Gauper, one of our Austrian partners, we had the opportunity to participate in very important meetings focused on evaluating different entry possibilities into the Austrian market.

One of the highlights was participation in the conference organized by the European Business Circle, where ideas and proposals for reforming and improving the European single market were gathered. These meetings allowed us to get acquainted with SID, which is part of the ATB Group, a global player in industrial construction, demolition and hydropower projects. We then shared our skills and knowledge and discussed the various strategies that will enable ATB Group to be able to enter the Austrian market.

We are excited about this new challenge and would like to thank our Austrian partner, Ortrun, for providing us with valuable networking and idea exchange opportunities. We look forward to continuing this journey and working together to achieve common goals.

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Con il motto “architettura sensata” lo studio di Sissi Kettl si prende cura della progettazione di nuove costruzioni e ristrutturazioni preservando i valori del committente. Sissi segue sempre le nuove tendenze dei requisiti strutturali, ecologici e sociali degli edifici residenziali che le permette di offrire una pianificazione al passo con i tempi. La sua squadra appassionata di architettura vi accompagna con entusiasmo sin dallo sviluppo alla supervisione dell’intero processo, e dalla pianificazione fino alla perizia finale. Specializzati in costruzioni in legno, la squadra sta sviluppando, grazie anche alla collaborazione con BRO-Business real opportunity vari progetti nel settore immobiliare a Trieste e nei dintorni.