A project with the aim to host and enhance the work of artists and creatives.

By continuously working on the development and connections between different business opportunities, BRO created its new project: BRO Art.

An unconventional way to give visibility and spread different artistic projects that can range from design to visual arts.
The goal is to offer a showcase for national and international artists and support them in their creative journey and in collaboration with other realities that create new business opportunities for them.

BRO Art is a community that provides a platform for free with the aim of creating new limited-edition exhibitions, events, projects and collaborations. Thus, the platform becomes a showcase for networking, promoting one’s own activities, interfacing with brands and companies, but first of all developing collaborations between various fields by encouraging connections even in the most diverse disciplines.

A space for endless opportunities that unites the rational with the creative, where the main focus is always on innovation.

Art and real estate

Two worlds that go hand in hand and intertwine in numerous projects, in order to further enhance the work of each.

The introduction of art in the spaces of one’s home, as well as in urban spaces, can change public perceptions and increase the appreciation of the created environment. Art provokes conversation and, with social media increasingly integrated into our daily lives, works of art, in the broadest sense of the term, are told and shared online creating an alternative platform to promote properties and give consistent value added to properties.


BRO Art’s commitment is precisely to give space to this union between art and real estate. By creating ad hoc collaborations, exhibitions and events where works of art can be admired in a home and non-exhibition context, sometimes finding their new location in different contexts and forms.

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Con il motto “architettura sensata” lo studio di Sissi Kettl si prende cura della progettazione di nuove costruzioni e ristrutturazioni preservando i valori del committente. Sissi segue sempre le nuove tendenze dei requisiti strutturali, ecologici e sociali degli edifici residenziali che le permette di offrire una pianificazione al passo con i tempi. La sua squadra appassionata di architettura vi accompagna con entusiasmo sin dallo sviluppo alla supervisione dell’intero processo, e dalla pianificazione fino alla perizia finale. Specializzati in costruzioni in legno, la squadra sta sviluppando, grazie anche alla collaborazione con BRO-Business real opportunity vari progetti nel settore immobiliare a Trieste e nei dintorni.