BRO commercial advisor for the sale of the Giardini del Borgo project

  • 11 months ago

The new project by the Venetian builder Francesco Fracasso and the design studio ASA studio Albanese is underway, which once again sees an important urban redevelopment for the city of Trieste. The protagonists are the nineteenth-century workshops in via Gambini, where a small residential community of 38 units is located, most with private gardens, and as many parking spaces and garages.

The project called “Giardini del borgo” will begin this end of August and foresees approximately 18 months of work. This was also announced by the local newspaper Il Piccolo which compares Francesco Fracasso as the well-known movie director Avati, who unlike the rediscovery of artists destined to be forgotten, knows how to seize the opportunities in abandoned industrial-commercial settlements and give them a new look, where the former is transformed in new.

With well-designed spaces, an ever-present nature, a strategic and convenient location with respect to all the most important points of interest in the city, the houses in via Gambini aim to become an extraordinary opportunity for well-being, comfort and good living for the historic city of Trieste

The project is exclusively commercialized by BRO-Business Real Opportunity, which continues the collaboration with the Fracasso group, after the success of the Terrazze sul Golfo project.

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Con il motto “architettura sensata” lo studio di Sissi Kettl si prende cura della progettazione di nuove costruzioni e ristrutturazioni preservando i valori del committente. Sissi segue sempre le nuove tendenze dei requisiti strutturali, ecologici e sociali degli edifici residenziali che le permette di offrire una pianificazione al passo con i tempi. La sua squadra appassionata di architettura vi accompagna con entusiasmo sin dallo sviluppo alla supervisione dell’intero processo, e dalla pianificazione fino alla perizia finale. Specializzati in costruzioni in legno, la squadra sta sviluppando, grazie anche alla collaborazione con BRO-Business real opportunity vari progetti nel settore immobiliare a Trieste e nei dintorni.