Business Real opportunity

The purpose of BRO is to generate and develop new business opportunities by connecting different areas of interest and creating synergies between various sectors. Our approach allows us to operate by thinking outside the box, going beyond the traditional way of doing business and finding creative solutions to address all of our clients’ needs.

We also apply our experience and network in real estate projects ranging from the purchase of land to the sale of the entire property. We support you throughout the process saving you resources, energy, time and money.

The management and optimization of real estate buying and selling, development and planning of real estate investments, putting the needs of our clients at the center. We know that the saying ‘time is money’ is true and that is why we created our own approach in the selling process, called ‘Antevendita’. We make the most of timing during the three stages of selling, buying and searching for your property through this approach, so that you can enjoy the experience of changing your home without any stress.

Real Estate Developments


Giardini del Borgo

The perfect combination of history and modernity in Trieste

Terrazze sul Golfo

A small oasis in the city, with a green approach and equipped with all comforts

Borgo Boveto Barcola

Immerse yourself in the charm of the sea

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Con il motto “architettura sensata” lo studio di Sissi Kettl si prende cura della progettazione di nuove costruzioni e ristrutturazioni preservando i valori del committente. Sissi segue sempre le nuove tendenze dei requisiti strutturali, ecologici e sociali degli edifici residenziali che le permette di offrire una pianificazione al passo con i tempi. La sua squadra appassionata di architettura vi accompagna con entusiasmo sin dallo sviluppo alla supervisione dell’intero processo, e dalla pianificazione fino alla perizia finale. Specializzati in costruzioni in legno, la squadra sta sviluppando, grazie anche alla collaborazione con BRO-Business real opportunity vari progetti nel settore immobiliare a Trieste e nei dintorni.