Regardless of the sector in which we are asked to develop a business, we are able to analyse opportunities, feasibility and market characteristics. Thanks to our team with international background, we adapt operations to the best practices of the area’s business even in foreign markets. We create the best strategy together with you implementing your business and accompany you all the way with consulting services, marketing tools and brand identity optimization.

Real Estate Development

The complexity of a development operation is the reason why so many turn to us to find the best partner in investment research, investor and financial partner profiling, feasibility, timing and cost analysis. Our team also supports our customers in the marketing of the operation. Through our network of professionals, we guarantee technical support during all phases.


Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunities

An exclusive service

Property Management
We are much more than a real estate agency, our management looks 360°.
Limited bureaucracy
A single interlocutor throughout the process.
Financial report
Advice and support for every need.
Dedicated agent
One of our professionals will accompany you in all phases of the project.
Detailed evalution
No surprises! This is part of our policy.
Investment Analysis
All the possibilities to be evaluated together with an expert.

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Con il motto “architettura sensata” lo studio di Sissi Kettl si prende cura della progettazione di nuove costruzioni e ristrutturazioni preservando i valori del committente. Sissi segue sempre le nuove tendenze dei requisiti strutturali, ecologici e sociali degli edifici residenziali che le permette di offrire una pianificazione al passo con i tempi. La sua squadra appassionata di architettura vi accompagna con entusiasmo sin dallo sviluppo alla supervisione dell’intero processo, e dalla pianificazione fino alla perizia finale. Specializzati in costruzioni in legno, la squadra sta sviluppando, grazie anche alla collaborazione con BRO-Business real opportunity vari progetti nel settore immobiliare a Trieste e nei dintorni.